Torn between two Worlds

                       To celebrate the world of nature and man in nature, and the fact I could paint it,   began my professional career as an artist.   I bought all the books I could afford on wild animals.  I went to the zoos and photographed.  I got the art degree. I painted in metaphors, serpentine and surreal, lusty, languid and dreamy, all the animals, birds, and nudes I could produce.   I moved to a resort town and sold well.  Without a clue where it was going, I painted on. 

With so much to corroborate man’s inhumanity to nature, the books and the zoos of the 1970′s showed mankind was “winning”.  Big picture books of prized game celebrating gorgeous animals slaughtered, big giraffes crammed into small stalls at zoos, the wild world getting smaller, my paintings became crammed.  My birds wore chains.  Metal bars became my forte.   The better I became at painting bars, the more they filled my canvas.  I went back for a Master’s Degree to find new direction.

Ha!  I received an M.F.A.   My mother always told me, be careful what you wish for.   Note from the wiser – be very careful in your quest for education in fine art.  If you have a gift, treasure it.  Look for short workshops in your specific techniques. Understand that any goal to find your painting guru is a myth.  

My quest landed me, a 70’s nature-loving surrealist, in the hands of last generation’s  Abstract Expressionists for three long years.   I painted nothing for the next nine. Your guru lies within.

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