Priorities counted on one hand

That is 5.  Five.   My five priorites in  painting ?     good paints, clean, sexy brushes, a flat, well-primed surface, the right light, and music to set the mood.  My five priorites in a  completed work ?  - proficiently executed color, design, and paint application, surface finish, the feeling it is completed.  That’s it.  It blows my theory on five being the crucial number.

Oh well.   I must mean five is the number of priorities I can handle at any one time in my life.   When my children were growing up, my folks were alive, I was married, there were three before I even got out of bed in the morning.  Add a house and my small art business, there you have it – all tidy and bundled together.  Now that my children are grown, I’m divorced, my parents are dead, I sold the suburban house, that bundle of priorities is done.

What they are now?   My new husband, our sandhill with cows  we call a ranch, my  friends & children, my painting, and this  book-keeping nightmare of the last nine years that has pulled me into a quagmire.  I am an artist and not cut out for spreadsheets, files, converting files to other files, calculations, letters of re-dress.   My mother used to say Hell, if she ended up there, would be stacked with paper – big files, and no end to them.  (I am sure she has gone paper-less”), but here I am in her stead.  It is eerie to feel like her hell has been passed to me.   What I wish for is my desire to paint  to take the fore again.  TRUST             24X36   103

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