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When is a painting enough?

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

When is a painting enough was not a real question for me before so much documentation of the process.  To get the 35mm negatives processed was a real process.  A week or so would pass and my painting could have evolved beyond all recognition by the time the prints were back from the photo lab.  Now my paintings at all stages move through my screen saver to reveal moments in my works when it appeared the painting had reached its completion.  It was enough.  Of course, not realizing the time had arrived, the painting moves into another stage…enough is no longer there.  More work.  Is it the transfer in medium that confuses the artist’s eye?  The work in pixels  isn’t the same as the work in paint, obviously, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t as valid.  We drown in image overload.

At a particular angle, a mirror on my stairs reflects the image of  a large 6’8′ painting of mine of animals in a surreal landscape, the usual -oil on canvas.  It is lit by track lights.  The dark staircase wall comes alive with the reflected painting.   It is very 3D, high color, and totally captivating.  There is an art form in the making somewhere between paint and light. How to combine light into the presentation and maybe even the creation of a painting is what captures my imagination often.  As yet, no solutions – so quick to say, “I don’t know” which rescues my brain from making an effort to search one.