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today my world is too small

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

The sheer number of my canvases in the square footage of my studio can totally discourage me from creating more.  It is so much a matter of perspective what I do from here-reminds me of a similar situation with my summer clothes which are currently preventing any transition for me to donn the fall look.  Stuffed closet, stuffed drawers, no more hanging space, tons of T-shirts and shorts, some of which never even saw the summer sun, stifle my desire to even find the fall clothes that I shoved into some bags and trunks and last spring stuck into the darkness of our storage room.  All of matter of perspective, or more correctly, procrastination.    Moving just three of the large canvases off my easels into a hallway off my studio has totally opened new opportunities.  Taking a stack of my T-shirts and cutting some up for paint rags, giving some away, and going to our store room with the rest has totally opened up more opportunities.  I am now writing this in long sleeves and a sweater vest and anticipating what creative thought  my studio space can once again engender.